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Scale your marketing agency faster by using our top-notch, white label design team so that you can offer quality, custom website design for your clients.  Let us build the website while you increase your profits. 

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Is white label web design right for you?

It depends on your business, but one thing you can count on is our team delivering quality.


White Label62 is a white label web design partner that delivers jaw-dropping web design projects on budget, on time, and to high customer satisfaction. We do the heavy lifting while you get all the glory. We have set wholesale pricing rates for our white label partenrs that make cost projections a synch. 

With our prices, you’ll be able to mark up your websites significantly. Outsource to our experts, get a great product, and generate revenue without needing your own in-house studio. 

Our Services

Whatever your needs, we can help you get there.

Website Design

Let our team create stunning websites for our clients. Our sites are fast, responsive, and SEO friendly. 

Website Maintenance

Increase residual profits by leveraging our mainenance plans. We’ll take care of updates on a monthly basis. 

Graphic Design

Can’t find just the right image? Our team can design a custom image that suits exactly what you’re looking for. 

All the benefits

Let our team do the work while you reap the benefits. 

Free up your time

While we build the website, your team can focus on other projects. Use your new found time to generate more business.

Make more money

Markup our value priced websites and leverage our routine maintenance plans to boost your monthly revenue. 

Easily handle overflow

Do you have your own in-house team but get overwhelmed from time to time? Let our team handle the extra work for you.

Shared values

We pride ourselves on not the quality of our work, but also our quality of service, communication, and our responsiveness. 

Keep the credit

With our white label service, you get to keep all of the credit. Our design team works hard to make your team look good. 

Fixed rate work

We use very simple, fixed rate pricing on our website projects. This makes it easy for you to project costs and profilt. 

Communication is simple with a dedicated project manager.

Not having to micromanage is part of the appeal of white label services. Our U.S.-based project managers are native English speakers and take care of the team aspect so you don’t have to..

Communication is simple with a dedicated project manager.

Not having to micromanage is part of the appeal of white label services. Our U.S.-based project managers are native English speakers and take care of the team aspect so you don’t have to..



Our WordPress website maintenance packages support the overall health and performance of a website. Our plans include core software updates, theme updates, plugin updates, security scans, performance reports, and uptime monitoring, among other things. We provide monthly reports that can be white-labeled for your company and sent to you and your clients at scheduled intervals. We ensure that your client’s website remains healthy and operates at optimum levels.

Industries We Serve

Here are just a few industries that we partner with on their white label need.

IT Consultants

Do people assume you know how to “do it all” when it comes to computers? Most of our IT consultant clients get asked to provide services outside their skillset. We’re happy to step in and help you retain those clients and increase your revenue.

Marketing Consultants

Marketing consultants are often brilliant at increasing the ROI of the clients they serve, but a poorly designed website is a huge obstacle. In addition, marketers need a partner who can quickly put up new landing pages, install tracking pixels, and integrate with other platforms. 

Startup Incubators

Every startup needs a professional website to help prove its legitimacy. We can partner with startup incubators to provide our white label web design services to their startups. We can also provide graphic design services to tie it all together.


Solpreneurs are just that, solo right? They don’t have to be and when they partner with us, they have an instant team. Stop passing business on to someone else and let our team help grow your business by expanding your revenue streams. 

Clients Testimonial

We here at Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA) are very proud to partner with Chris and his team. Chris has incredible leadership skills, and understands our unique telecom and data center marketplace. Over the years, he’s tackled every website challenge we’ve provided, from SEO and WordPress themes to client portals and more, in a professional and knowledgeable manner. Our companies share the same client commitment – which is critical to success in the website service business. We appreciate his ability to go above and beyond for us and our clients– and we would highly recommend Chris and his team.



I HIGHLY recommend working with Chris & Blue Studio 62! I’ve worked with Chris on multiple projects and what I love most is that when I have a question about a website he may be working on, or a website I may be working on and need help with – he is always 100% there to answer questions and provide solutions.

Chris is always very professional and responds in a timely manner.

If you’re looking for someone to represent you and your business and provide excellent results – Blue Studio 62 is the way to go!


Owner, UFlourish Digital

Absolutely loved the work Chris did on handling the website and SEO for Secure Comfort Care. Easy to work with very professional truly a pleasure.


Owner, Secure Comfort

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